Importance of Good Education in Life


They said the roots of education are bitter, but the fruits are sweet. They also said education is the key to a better life. So the question is how does this key work? Many students wake up before 6:00 am on weekdays, spend the weekend doing homework and sleep late while chasing this education. Many people would ask why this education is so important yet some people are doing well in life yet they are not educated. What they fail to understand is that the importance of good education goes beyond the means to amerce wealthy. Below are some advantages of education.




From the time you are born up to the time you complete your studies, you have relied on someone to cater to your financial needs. With education you get wise, and you can make your own decisions. More so, you get a job or start a business with the knowledge you have gathered during your studies. Therefore, you will not rely on anyone anymore to support you financially or make decisions for you.


Eradicates crime in the society


An uneducated society always lags behind in matters concerning development. Poverty prevails, and the results are endless robberies, theft, and other crimes. Therefore, to eradicate such evil in the society, education is the key. Students get the necessary knowledge not only to become self-reliant but also to relate well with each member of the community.


Financial stability


An educated individual is likely to get a good and well-paying job. Better yet, the individual may start a successful business or a company using learned skills. This way, they become financially stable, and cases of poverty become history. Consequently, they get better health care, better amenities, better transport means, better leisure and hence a happy life. Learn how to get financial security


Saves you from conmen


Conmen targets innocent and illiterate people more than their literate counterparts. When you do not know a particular subject, it is likely that someone will exploit your illiteracy on the same. However, if you have the necessary knowledge, it will be easy to detect conmen or people who want to take advantage of you and hence avoid wastage of time and resources.


Economy growth


The economic well being of a country depends on the productivity of its citizens. If a majority of citizens of a particular country have an income, per capita income (which is an indicator of economic growth) grows. For example, in countries where the education system is advanced, you find that they have developed economically more than the nations without a robust education system.


Contributes to gender equality


Gender equality has been an issue in some societies for so long. However, with a good education system, everyone becomes aware of his or her rights and responsibilities hence eliminating gender-based violence.


Boosts confidence


Educated people are respected in the society. Even when they speak, their audience listens knowing that they are talking sense. Without education, no one will ever take your speech seriously. That degree helps to stand your ground and speak your mind. No one can manipulate an educated person.


Generally, a good education is the source of independence, financial stability, and social status.


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